The Verbruggens

Jan Verbruggen and his son Peter were artists, engineers and gun-founders. They were born in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands, moved to The Hague in 1755 where Jan became Master Gun Founder of the Netherlands. In 1770 they moved to the UK where Jan was appointed Master Gun Founder in the Royal Arsenal in Greenwich.

Both as artists, engineers and inventors they have had a significant influence on the development of guns, the start of the industrial revolution in the UK and the armament of the Dutch, English and American Independence Army during several wars.

Peter Verbruggen also left us his richly decorated Album Amicorum. The 75 entries give a nice view of the Verbruggens social and business network. Also, the care that was taken in producing content and illustrations, illustrate the type of relationships Peter developed. Especially interesting is the entry by his father of sailing vessels on the coast, again testimony to his artistic qualities.